GotoBus.Com Making Joint Effort for Sustainability

February 27, 2019

2019 partnered up with Cambridge non-profit organization, bringing awareness to bus riders

Arlington, Mass – Feb.27, 2019 – Bus-travel search website recently announced a new partnership with Cambridge local non-profit organization Green Streets Initiative. The endeavor will hopefully inspire more travelers to choose a sustainable way of traveling, especially for the Boston local communities.

Green Streets Initiative holds a Walk/Ride Day each month, asking participants to change their way of commuting for a day, to reflect on the impact of the daily commute on finances, health, and the environment. To boost the awareness of green travel in local communities in the Greater Boston Area, will be offering promo codes to Green Streets Initiative active members, and raffle prizes to event participants. The upcoming Walk/Ride Day will take place on Friday, March 29 (sign up here).

With the growing trend of eco-friendly commute and green travel, people are more conscious of the carbon emission of daily transportations. According to the 2018 energy report of U.S Energy Information Administration trains and buses consume only 3% of total energy used by the transportation industry. As a leading bus-ticket booking platform in the U.S, is dedicated to offering consumers affordable and eco-friendly alternatives for inter-city transportations.

To emphasize on the commute by bus, Green Streets Initiative made June Bus Month, during which they will be holding several public events for green travel commuters. A breakfast gathering will take place on June 28, 2019, at the Whole Foods Market in Somerville, MA.



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About Green Streets Initiative:

The Green Streets Initiative is a Cambridge, MA-based organization, founded in 2006. We are dedicated to celebrating and promoting the use of sustainable and active transportation. Our mission is to cultivate the car-light movement and inspire community members to rethink their commutes through our monthly Walk/Ride Days and our annual Commuter Challenge for workplaces.

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